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Benefits and Method to Apply
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Benefits and Method to Apply

Like most people, you probably think of oil pulling as a strange and unusual way to clean…

Does it really work?
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Does it Really Work?

You must have heard about eucalyptus oil and its many benefits. But did you know that it…

Mouthwash options as Home Remedies
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Best Mouthwash For Dry Mouth Relief

I healed my receding gums
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I Healed My Receding Gums Naturally!!! -Natures’ Smile Gum Balm-

A healthy smile isn’t something people take for granted until they start seeing receding gums. Gingivitis, or…

Cure Your Severe Gum Recession
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7 Tips on How to Cure Your Severe Gum Recession Without Dental Help

If you’re suffering from severe receding gums, you probably feel helpless. You’ve tried everything from a wide…

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How To Fix Dry Mouth?

Natural Remedies for gum recession
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4 Surprising Ways to Reverse Gingival Recession – Receding Gums

Dr. John Hauswirth has been treating gingival recession—also known as gum recession—for more than 30 years. The…

receding gums in 20s home remedies
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Treating Gingivitis At Home

A gingivitis diagnosis is a warning sign that you’re at risk of gum disease, and it is…

Gums Recession Stages
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Gums Recession Stages – What Causes It?

You’ve probably heard that you should be taking care of your teeth and gums. But, how does…

Does it really work?
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5 Tips for Growing Back Receding Gums — Prevent Tooth Loss

There’s no doubt that gums play a critical role in your oral health, but if you don’t…